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Charleston Scuba Offshore Charter Schedule for 2014

Charters that are in red are OW dives; students have priority. Charters in blue are for advanced divers with deep diving experience. All other dates are available to everyone with an Open Water certification and higher.  Please check out our Sites & Rates page for more information!

August 2014

Thurs. 21st – Y-73/ T&A #9

Fri. 22nd – Anchor Wreck

Sat. 23rd – Indigo Ledges/ Lil Gardens

Sun 24th – Comanche Wreck/ Train Wreck

Thurs. 28th – Indigo Ledges/ Chas. 60

Fri. 29th – Anchor Ledges/ Lil Gardens

Sat. 30th – Y-73/ T&A #9

                  Trophy Lakes OW

Sun. 31st – Charleston 60 OW


September 2014

Monday 1st – Indigo Ledges/ Fred W. Day

Fri. 5th- Indigo Ledges/ Lead Wt. Ledges

Sat. 6th – Researcher Wreck/ Junk Pile

Sun. 7th – Lead Wt. /Anchor Ledges

Fri. 12th – Anchor Ledges/ Lil Gardens

Sat. 13th – Comanche Wreck/ Indigo Ledges

     Trophy Lakes OW

Sun. 4th- Charleston 60 OW

Fri. 19th – Anchor Ledges/ Lead Wt Ledges

Sat. 20th – Y-73/ T&A #9

Sun. 21st – Fred W. Day/ Chas. 60

Fri. 26th – Y-73/ T&A #9

Sat. 27th – Indigo Ledges/ Fred W. Day

      Trophy Lakes OW

Sun. 28th – Chas. 60 OW


October 2014

Sat. 4th – Comanche/ Indigo Ledges

Sun. 5th – Lead Wt Ledges/ Anchor Ledges

Sat. 11th – Anchor Ledges/ Lil Gardens

      Trophy Lakes OW

Sun. 12th – Charleston 60 OW

Sat. 18th – Y-73/ T&A #9

Sun. 19th – Indigo Ledges/ Lead Wt Ledges

Sat.25th – Anchor Ledges/ Fred W. Day

     Trophy Lakes OW

Sun. 26th -  Charleston 60 OW

 A downloadable copy of the schedule is available here!

Here is what it looks like offshore right now:

Here is our forecast for the week (we dive from the Santee to Edisto Beach):