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Charleston has some of the best diving that South Carolina has to offer. Whether you are off-shore at one of our many Wrecks or Ledges, or in-shore diving the Cooper River, you won’t be disappointed. Charleston diving has something for everyone! All charters meet at Charleston Scuba at 7:00 AM unless otherwise noted.

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Frederick W. Day

Was a wooden schooner built in 1901 and sank off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina on September 17, 1914, loaded with bags of cement. The bags have formed a reef approximately 200ft long with the top of the reef at 40ft and the bottom at 54ft. There is an abundance of fish and other marine life around the wreck, creating one of the nicest dives off Charleston. This is one of the shallower sites we dive and where we take Open Water students to for completion of dives 1 & 2 of their open water certification dives.

Cost: $115.00/2 dives

The Researcher Wreck

The Researcher Wreck has settled at a depth of 90ft. With a coral and sponge encrusted deck starting at 60ft, the Researcher is perfect for advanced divers and a good site for Open Water divers seeking advanced experience. Generally, we dive the Researcher Wreck in conjunction with the Steel Deckhouse.

Cost: $175.00/2 dives

The Steel Deckhouse

This 2-story deckhouse portion of a cargo freighter, sitting in 90ft of water, provides great penetration dives for those with a wreck diving certification and a reel. Other divers enjoy swimming through the outer stairwells. A very cool dive!

Cost: $175.00/2 dives

The Y-73 Wreck

This is a dive worth the trip. The Y-73 is a 180ft tanker submerged in 100ft of water with 25-75ft of visibility. Large marine life such as sharks, rays, grouper and loggerhead turtles are abundant. The deepest depth for the Y/73 is 100 feet. We generally dive the T&A #9 in conjunction with the Y-73 Wreck.

Cost: $175.00/2 dives

The Junk Pile

The Junk Pile is much more appealing than it sounds! At a depth of 65ft, the reef is filled with tropicals and invertebrate life. A favorite with the dive crew!

Cost: $175.00/2 dives

The Train Wreck

Straight from New York City this has become one of our most popular dive sites! These subway cars were sunk by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources to create artificial reef systems and the fish and divers love them! Diving this site is a unique experience and a great place to photograph. How many opportunities do you get to ride the subway underwater? The train is situated near the Comanche Wreck in over 100ft of water and is recommended for advanced divers only!

Cost: $175.00/2 dives

The Helen, The Kimberly, and the T&A #9

These are three tugboats that provide unspoiled wreck diving at 90ft. Recently sunk, these wrecks are quickly being colonized by a variety of marine species.

Cost: $175.00/2 dives

The Charleston 60 Wreck

This is another site on which we conduct our Open Water certification dives! This is where students complete dives 3 & 4 of their certification dives. A large sunken barge sitting in 60ft of water allows divers to explore without getting lost. You’re guaranteed to see large schools of fish, huge amberjacks, barracudas, spadefish and more! Large missile casings on the barge also make great swim-throughs. This is an excellent place to photograph and complete an Underwater Photography specialty!

Cost: $130.00/2 dives

The Anchor Wreck

This incredible 300ft freighter of unknown origin lies in 105ft of water. As a natural wreck, rather than one intentionally scuttled to create an artificial reef system, this site is a favorite of many divers. Low profile provides good visibility over the entire wreck. Outlying wreckage provides interesting photo opportunities. Tropicals and large pelagic species are year-round inhabitants. This wreck dates back from the late 1800′s to early 1900′s.

Cost: $185.00/2 dives

The Comanche Wreck

Scuttled in 1992 had an exciting career on the Great Lakes as a former icebreaker. Now she makes a fantastic home for all sorts of marine life – from amberjack and spadefish to loggerheads and lobster. The Comanche provides a view of what it’s REALLY like off-shore and is a favorite among divers. We dive the Comanche Wreck in conjunction with the Train Wreck. The wreck is in 110 ft of water and is an advanced only dive.

Cost: $175.00/2 dives

The Anchor Ledges

The Anchor Ledges are at 60ft depth just a short distance from the FRED DAY and provide a terrific dive for the novice, as well as for the experienced diver. Five foot high ledges support a multitude of marine life including lobster, tropical species and an occasional shark. maximum depth is 68 feet.

Cost: $140.00/2 dives

The Indigo Ledges

The Indigo Ledges are 70 to 80ft deep and is a great site for Open Water divers. This natural reef line supports a variety of soft corals, sponges and crustaceans. Tropical fish such as the angel (picture left) are frequent visitors and large pelagics may be seen in the area. The Ledges provide the unique opportunity to drift dive in this area when conditions allow.

Cost: $140.00/2 dives

The Gardens

The Gardens offer the diver 2-10ft of relief off the bottom. Lobster, large grouper and tropicals are abundant. Exceptional visibility comparable to Florida waters at 90ft. depth. Colorful sponges and corals give this location its name. Maximum depth 80ft.

Cost: $175.00/2 dives

Lead Weight Ledges

So named for the antique sounding weights frequently recovered, is another shallow site found near the ANCHOR LEDGES. For those divers who like to artifact hunt or shell, this is an intriguing area. Maximum depth around 68ft.

Cost: $140.00/2 dives

Chamberlain’s Gulch

The Gulch is a great site for Open Water divers seeking a shallower dive closer to home in 75 feet of water. We’ve seen all kinds of life in these reefs, including trumpet fish and blowfish. Visibility ranges from 25 to 60 feet.

Cost: $140.00/2 dives

The Sugarbowl Reef

The Sugarbowl Reef is a site perfect for Advanced Open Water Deep Dive training – with schools of fish and lots of invertebrates. It’s also a nice place for shelling and practicing natural navigation. maximum dive depth at 82 feet.

Cost: $140.00/2 dives

The 105 foot Ledges

We found these beautiful ledges in 1995 and couldn’t believe the marine life. This is a deep dive in over 100ft of water, so advanced divers only!

Cost: $175.00/2 dives

Hole in the Wall & Turtle Ledges

These ledges are deep ledges with 10 ft. of incredible relief! Turtles, lobsters, and schools of fish are abundant. This is a beautiful place for photos. Advanced Open Water divers only. Depths over 100ft.

Cost: $175.00/2 dives

Eric’s Double Ledges

We found these ledges back in 2001. These beautiful 5ft ledges with arches and overhangs are home to large grouper, nurse sharks and occasionally sand tigers at 75-85ft depth. This is also a great place to drift dive!

Cost: $140.00/2 dives

Little Gardens Reef

This natural ledge site is perfect for easy navigation with lots of critters and fish to see. At a depth of 75 feet there are plenty of large lobster and nurse sharks.

Cost: $140.00/2 dives